Live @ The Wunderbar

by The Ill Beats

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Live show @ The Wunderbar in Edmonton, AB


released February 23, 2012



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The Ill Beats Edmonton, Alberta

Funk rock band from the farthest northern reaches of Edmonton, AB

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Track Name: Free Your Mind
I tried to write all about what wants to be heard, but I know it ain't about that, so I'm preaching the word. It's about layin shit down, droppin it bare, but beware, haters all around ready to dare you to a match kickin beats against posers and freaks, tryin hard, takin time to make you believe, that shit aint really just about what it seem, but if your lookin really hard, theyre tearin up at the seams...

They've got, popped collar party pushin priorities, they spend half of their lives, lookin up from their knees. Well I aint tryin to prove a point or make a big deal, fuck money I just wanna let my tunes have feel, because I aint about wearin gucci or louie vaton and i dont give a fuck about what anybody wants, Im just chillin on the couch grinnin ear to ear, ive had a lucky in my hands for years and years and years.

Now im just lettin my brain hit the pen and the pad, I aint rappin about money, cars, bitches or gats. Ive got a lyrical attack that aint a snack its a feast, and if you doubt me, fuck you, ive got my peeps. So ima intellectualize with the size of my brain, it aint comparable to rappers only talkin bout fame, they've got million dollar dreams, but I leave them behind because I know its only about ... freeing your mind.